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The Fashion Files: DIY Carwash Crop Top

I got a little scissor happy with this DKNY dress that was given to me; it was a maxi dress but a little too short for me. My mission was to hold onto it, but make it more my style. I absolutely love creating and experimenting with fashion, so it was so much fun seeing (and wearing) the end result. Keep reading for super simple instructions on how to create your own DIY Carwash Crop Top.

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“If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you won’t be comfortable in your own clothes.”

Iris Apfel

The Fashion Files: Werkin’ It in the Workplace

I recently sat down with Joymarie and Courtney, the women behind Joblogues, and Christina of Just Missed the Runway to discuss fashion and style in the workplace. Now, I may be cheating a little bit because I’ve worked in the creative space for a number of years and most of the time, anything goes. However, some of those creative jobs were in super corporate environments and I know just how difficult it can be to navigate that space when it comes to fashion. Fashion and style are ever-changing; add cultural norms/expectations in the mix, and getting dressed in the morning can be stressful… but don’t worry, Christina and I have you covered!

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The Fashion Files: Cold Weather Cute (3 Ways to Wow in the Wintertime)

Just because the weather outside is ugly, doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be cute!

Funny story… I was in the coffee shop getting my everything bagel and iced mocha when I hear a woman say, “Cute boots!” I respond with, “Thanks, they’re UGGs!” Before I could even get the last part of my response out, she’s crouched down, feeling my calf asking if they’re suede.

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The Fashion Files: 1 eShakti Dress, 2 Styles

If you know me, you know I love shopping… but shopping isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Picture this: you find the dress of your dreams. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE IT. You try it on (or take it home and try it on) and it just doesn’t fit properly. The bust is too baggy and the waist is way too tight; or the hips are just right, but the waist is just ballooning out. What a nightmare!

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